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So here is my first blog post.

We are the developers. We develop App/Software to make others life simple but there are developers who make application or service to make other developer’s life simple.

We know this app as development tools. So in this post, I will just list tools which I use in my daily work routines. I will also include some app which is not directly related to development but helps in managing task or content.


  • Xcode: Yes Xcode!!

  • CocoaPods: Integrate third party libraries. If you are not using it your doing wrong.

  • Carthage: This is the new alternative of CocoaPods. Both do the same job but with the different concept. Visit Differences between Carthage and CocoaPods to check the difference.

  • Postman: If you are working with web service this is must have tool to test and manage web service.

  • Charles: While Postman makes network request Charles monitor and help you to debug each network request. It works with iOS simulator and Device both.

  • Knuff & Pusher: Both tools are for testing remote notification. You can send the notification from your mac. it also provides little tools to work with notification like getting device token from the device.

  • SimPholders: Quickly look Document folder of your application in iOS simulator.

  • SourceTree: I use to manage my project repository. If you are ok with CLI, it’s ok. But if you want GUI this is a very good free alternative.

  • Sublime Text: Xcode is very good text editor but still you may need the alternative for some task. On my Mac, that alternative is Sublime Text.


  • Avocode: This service provides a nice way to communicate between Designer and Developer. Avocode will give information like color, the font size of each element.

  • Sip: Best free color picker I have ever seen.

  • Preview: This is default Mac app to view all image. But this is way more powerful than just view image. I use this as my go-to editor for basic operation.

  • Iconizer: This will generate icon and launch screen Image Assets.


  • Trello: Manage project, Task, Team. Very feature reach management service. Work on web and mobile very well.

  • OneNote: An awesome note taking app from Microsoft.

  • Grammarly: To check grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Dropbox: Well we all know what it is.


  • Name Changer: Ever need to rename multiple files? Like, append @2x and @3x. This app will save your time.

  • Querious: To connect with MySQL and MariaDB database. If you have never used you can think it as phpMyAdmin.

  • Valentina Studio: One more great Database tool.

  • Transmit: A nice FTP client.

  • Alfred: You can say advanced spotlight.

  • Dashlane: Easy and free password manager. If you never use password manager you should give it a try.

  • Little Ipsum: Very handy dummy text generator.

  • Numi: Bored with a classic calculator!? Try this new kind of calculator.

  • SmartConverter: App to convert videos between various format.

  • Spectacle: Move and resize windows with ease. Manage app position with simple keyboard shortcuts.

  • VideoSpec: Get detail of video file. like bitrate, Encoding, video and audio format etc. You can also compare two file detail.

  • Typora: This blog is written in markdown format. And I use Typora to write markdown. There are many good and feature reach editor but Typora is simple and free.

I hope this list will help someone find what make their job easy,

Note: I added my final list – Utility. But that doesn’t mean this is over. I will keep adding new in this list.

  • Jignesh Vadadoriya

    Thanks for sharing information, it will help a i have never work with Carthage,Charles, Knuff & Pusher so let me try to use this tools.
    Thanks Chintan

    • ilearnios

      I am glad that you got something. I will update this list for more tools.

  • Vivek

    It helps a lot. Thanks.

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