I hope you have enjoyed my first Blog. It was about tools. Now it’s time to get knowledge about how to use them. Documentations..!!

Of corse there are documents but sometimes you may need more than that like a practical guide and there comes an awesome iOS community. iOS community is full of interested and helpful blog posts, videos, tips, tutorials, design resources, examples and books.

So today I am going to list that sites and peoples who help many developers(including me) in making nice apps.

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So here is my first blog post.

We are the developers. We develop App/Software to make others life simple but there are developers who make application or service to make other developer’s life simple.

We know this app as development tools. So in this post, I will just list tools which I use in my daily work routines. I will also include some app which is not directly related to development but helps in managing task or content.

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